Ocell is generating, interpreting and delivering actionable data through aerial images. We take away the pain of owning and operating drones from customers who just want the insights. Leveraging the latest innovations in AI, sensorics and operations, we unlock profoundly new ways of aerial analytics.

Data Quality

Modern imaging technology and smart processing algorithms ensure the best quality and resolution for all usecases.


Depending on our customer preferences, we can deliver high frequencies of image updates. On the long run we'll even be able to provide real-time feeds.

Cost Savings

Customers don't need to hire certified drone operators or pilots in order to generate aerial imagery anymore. By scaling the process of image capturing, Ocell can provide cheaper data in a more convenient way.

Artificial Intelligence

Ocell uses state of the art AI in order to enhance image quality and extract meaningful information from the data. These valuable insights are provided to our customers.

Large Infrastructure Monitoring

Observe and analyze your infrastructure in order to prevent costly failure.

Land Surveying

Track, research and utilize natural resources like crops, forests or gases.

3D Mapping

Generate high resolution 3D maps to accurately depict the world.

Let's talk!

Ocell consists of professionals of various fields including electrical and aerospace engineering, robotics, data science, AI and business administration. We're looking forward to get in touch with you!

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